A Silicon Valley tech team, BTCKing, is going live with a more secure digital wallet

The TFX project developed by BTCKING, a technical team of TFX in Silicon Valley, will recently launch a digital currency wallet named “Wealth” and decentralized flash exchange service, which has been audited and approved by the authoritative audit company VATIN.io.

Before it has been online, it has gained the attention and favor of many cryptocurrency users.

“Wealth” is an intelligent multi-chain cross-chain wallet, which integrates the most cutting-edge technology of blockchain, making the storage and use of digital assets more secure and convenient.

“Wealth” alias Wealth wallet, the intention is to create “the beginning of trust, the source of wealth” to redefine the world of wallet, Wealth wallet is a collection of technology and underlying technology, very tough, very comfortable to use, and its security is particularly strong a wallet

The development of blockchain cannot be separated from the wallet, which has the characteristics of asset acceptance and industry entrance.

With a lot of traffic, the TFX-BTCKING development team realized this and laid out the wallet-related ecosystem.

Strive to create a clear positioning of global blockchain socialization.

Focusing on decentralization, system security, transaction security, autonomy and high efficiency, convenience and high efficiency, and community autonomy,

Build a trust, open, global ecological empire.In the investment industry, no matter we use any application or an APP, we must give priority to its ecological ability, because only ecology can continuously produce better profit mechanism and profit point, and only ecology can have certain hematopoietic function. The ecology of TFX is very strong, and the ecological value of each use can be said to be a heavyweight. There are mainly six sections:

1. Hotpot decentralized exchange

2, a group of crypto enabling shareholding

3. TFX- Blockchain ecological mobile phone

4. TFX-Wealth Cold Wallet

5. TFX- Entertainment Media

6. TFX- shopping mall on the chain and so on

In addition, Wealth Wallet is equipped with one-stop management mnemonic, massive DAPP risk control and management, aggregator ecological entrance, self-built public chain node cluster is stable and safe without fear of breakdown, Ios, Android, Web and Windows four usage scenarios, built-in DEX decentralized transaction function can easily exchange assets. The Wealth wallet is also a blessing for all n, f and t lovers. It has the management function of NFT, which is convenient to hold. The last highlight can be said to be the blessing for all developers. The biggest advantage is that many developers like to do application development in our Wealth. It can be said that the whole business application development is a very broad market, because through Wealth gathered a lot of developers, its application will be more and more extensive. In order to help startups and technology-based smes reduce their initial costs, Wealth has also established a three-tier incubation and development model of “maker space — independent incubation space — industrial park”.

About the security of Wealth

The first is the risk control and management of third-party dapp access. There will be an authorization interpretation to carry out risk assessment for the third party. If the issuance is risky, strict authorization will be conducted. The second is the fear of downtime. Node clusters not only pack distributed storage but also ensure the stability and security of intermittent transmission

What are the highlights of Wealth’s wallet besides the asset storage function?

First of all, Wealth, as a wallet and a block chain must be used, will have a large amount of traffic aggregation, so at this time, it is very in line with the functions of aggregators and transmitters, will cooperate with a lot of high-quality projects, and the conditions for airdrop rewards and transmitters are fully available. And real-time can view the mainstream and other high-quality currency prices.

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