Crypto Daily News | Barclays Denies Cryptocurrency Projects & BTC ATMs

In today’s edition of Crypto Daily News, we’ll cover Barclays’ denial of any form of cryptocurrency projects, the number of Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs currently distributed around the world, and Ethereum Classic’s status on Coinbase Pro.

Crypto Daily News: August 7th, 2018

Barclays’ Crypto Denial

Large UK-based bank Barclays has just denied that it is working on any cryptocurrency products. Business Insider reported yesterday that two of its employees via LinkedIn have listed crypto-related duties on their profiles.

Both Matthieu Jobbe Duval and Chris Tyrer have digital assets in their titles of work, but the bank still denies its inter-workings. Chris’s title says that he is ‘Head of Digital Assets Project’ at Barclays Investment Bank. Matthieu doesn’t have a profile picture, but his title says he is in ‘Digital Assets Trading.’

A representative from Barclays told Cointelegraph that the bank has “no plans for a crypto trading desk.”

Over 3,500 Bitcoin ATMs Around the Globe

This week, announced that there are now more than 3,500 Bitcoin (BTC) ATM machines around the globe. Nearly 75% of them reside within North America, but Europe has gained some ground and currently holds over 20% of the world’s Bitcoin ATMs.

Currently, Bitcoin ATMs are placed in liquor stores, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, bars, movie theatres, and shopping malls. Just a year and a half ago we celebrated reaching over 1,000 ATMs, and it seems that it is not slowing down anytime soon.

On average, there are nine Bitcoin ATMs being installed a day. General Bytes and Genesis Coin make up over half of all the installations.

Coinbase Pro Adds Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Formerly GDAX, Coinbase just announced that it has added support for Ethereum Classic on its Coinbase Pro platform. You aren’t able to start trading immediately, but it will be available in the next few days the company says. You can read the four stages of the Ethereum Classic roll-out on Coinbase Pro here.

Recently, the company split GDAX into Coinbase Pro and Prime. Coinbase Pro is aimed at individual traders, and Coinbase Prime is for institutions.

The coin was seeing over 10% gains this morning, but has since corrected and is currently trading in the red. At press time, ETC is trading at $17.29 a coin, down -5.30% in 24 hours.

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