I Try to Make Everything Simple For the Community, Founder of Orioncoin

Cointelegraph continues publishing interviews with prominent guests of BlockShow Asia 2017, that took place in Singapore in November 2017.

Woanjen Tang is an experienced asset manager. After completing a Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Ryerson University, Woanjen returned to Malaysia to hone his multinational business management experience. Projects under his leadership flourished at a commercial and residential real estate brokerage. Upon his exit from real estate, he went to Canada, where he founded Orioncoin Computing Corporation.

Cointelegraph talked to Woanjen Tang, founder and CEO of Orioncoin about new startups, traveling and simplicity as the highest level of complication.

Cointelegraph: Thank you very much for coming! My first question is about your perception of the venue. What did you feel today coming here? What is your first impression of the Singaporean crypto community?

Woanjen Tang: Oh, I think Cointelegraph has a great BlockShow today. A lot of networking, a lot of media and investors here, and new startups that can bring more ideas to the space about the future of Blockchain technology.

CT: Do your prefer networking with startups or with those who have already experienced projects and not venturing into new ideas?

WT: I think both, also with the already established Blockchain firms. They are established and we know their ideas, while a lot of startups have new ideas that impressed even me.

CT: Do you travel a lot?

T: Oh, yes, I travel a lot.

CT: What about different perceptions of your project for example in different countries?

T: Orioncoin, basically… we make loyalty points on our own Blockchain- on Orioncoin’s Blockchain. So it can quickly help on the travel side of the business and the hotel business, leisure business. And it’s going to expand it – the more people travel, the more they will use Orioncoin. Because in the past people used to travel less than they should because the technology was not so advanced. Today we can travel by planes; you can go anywhere fast. The more we travel, the more Orioncoin expands.

CT: Orioncoin was your idea. What did inspire you?

T: It is a long story. I try to make everything simple for the community- basically, make loyalty points.

CT: Do you think that simplicity is the highest level of complication?

T: Yes, because people aren’t usually interested in a conventional or in loyalty point systems. So we basically just simply provide a Blockchain technology to the loyalty point system, which can increase the value, and then more and more people get excited to come into the space. Through loyalty points, which they can have for free and use the coin access to the cryptocurrency market – we move the development forward.

My key to success is to read more Cointelegraph

CT: What is your personal background?

T: I was doing a civil engineering background in Toronto, Canada.

CT: Do you think that it is important to have a particular background, knowledge in order to be successful in Blockchain and crypto projects?

T: Yes, background really helps. If you have the right background, it certainly helps, but it depends on certain cases.

CT: And what is your personal key to success?

T: My key to success is to read more Cointelegraph. It’s part of how I learned about Blockchain and the Blockchain people. Try to look at YouTube for more knowledge about Blockchain and listen more, read more and communicate more in the space, join the space for local meetups and everything. Then you will have the sense of what is Blockchain.

CT: I have the last and logical question out of what you said just. I am collecting lists of inspirational reading from our speakers and guests. So would you recommend something that impacted you recently? It does not have to be related to Blockchain.

T: Actually, the guy named Andreas, I forgot his last name impacted me most. He is Greek. You can search on YouTube. He is passionate about Bitcoins and Blockchain technology, and what it can bring to change the world and eliminate the trust between people and the government. Basically, corrupt this whole system by stealing your wealth, you know? What he suggests is stealing your wealth in a stealth mode. So you have one thousand today, you have one thousand tomorrow – so actually your wealth is still the same. But, for one thousand today you cannot buy the one thousand tomorrow’s goods because of inflation. Because they are printing money, they are stealing wealth in stealth mode. You cannot see it, cannot complain because you have one thousand now, you have one thousand tomorrow – doesn’t change. Why do you say I steal your money? So, basically, people don’t see it but this guy, he saw the problem and explained it quite well. That is what inspires me. We should go and explore more about Blockchain and bring the services and products to the market.

CT: Thank you very much! It was a pleasure to talk with you!

Thank you!

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