NFT Game at a new height: how to play the first MPC game Terra Nulla?

NFT Game at a new height: how to play the first MPC game Terra Nulla?

Terra Nulla is a simulation game based on the MPC gaming platform. It incorporates a lot of new NFT gameplay elements and is all implemented with smart contracts to achieve a completely decentralized game. Currently, Terra Nulla has received strong support from a range of top capital institutions and communities, with some insiders even seeing it as the next Axie Infinity.

Why is Terra Nulla so highly spoken of? What are Terra Nulla’s core competencies in this borderless market of NFT, and what role will Terra Nulla play in the crypto world? The answer to all these questions can be found in its game mechanics.

1. Terra Nulla Participation Requirements

Players need to prepare a private wallet on the BSC and a certain BNB as the transaction fee before participating in the game.

2. Terra Nulla NFT release rules

The total amount of Terra Nulla NFT is 140,000. Before the game is launched, only 400 workers, 8 bosses and 22 lands will be released to the public. The rest NFTs will then be gradually launched after the game launch. The earlier the players participate, the higher the earnings. For the number of NFTs to be auctioned subsequently, it will help the coin price to continue to rise.

The total amount of MPC tokens in Terra Nulla V1 mining pool is 200,000, with an initial daily release of 500 pieces. For every 400 Worker tokens staked, the daily number of MPCs released by the pool will increase by 500 pieces. While continuously motivating new players to participate, the increasing release of MPC will also provide the opportunity of initial mining for the old players. In other words, the more the number of new players, the higher the return for the old players, a virtuous cycle for the whole ecology.

3. Terra Nulla’s incentive and burn mechanisms

In Terra Nulla, 30% of all MPCs that players spend in the game will be sent to the incentive address or airdropped and then returned to players who participate in the game. 70% will go to the black hole address for burning. And this measure will also be adopted in the MPC’s NFT platform. This means that MPC will enter a deflationary tokenomics that will be even rarer in the later stages, and players who participate in Terra Nulla games in the later stages of the game will receive a premium that far exceeds the expected revenue.

4. Main gameplays In Terra Nulla

1)Recruit Players

Players can share their game link to receive 1% of the earnings of players who stake their NFTs for 7 consecutive days through this link. This is also a sharing economy that encourages fission and helps any player who loves Terra Nulla to participate and enjoy the rewards brought by love.

2)Upgrade Worker NFTs

Players synthesize low-level Worker NFTs to get Worker of higher power, which is a real test of players’ collection ability. Although it sounds challenging, in the whole process, you can also enjoy the sense of achievement and satisfaction brought by power upgrade, which is a kind of progression with strong entertainment.

3)Lock your tokens

Players can also lock the MPC tokens to improve the power for themselves or Worker characters staked. Of all characters, the BOSS power upgrades in accordance with the percentage, which means that the higher the power of the Worker, the higher the bonus. The more tokens a player has, the easier it is to make profits. It is just like snowballing.

4)Vitality algorithm

Those who have Worker players need to constantly replenish their vitality in order to be eligible for making earnings, and if the Worker vitality is 0, it can no longer make profits. In other words, the MPC released every day in the game is awarded to the Worker who has the vitality. In the process of replenishing vitality, players can experience the joy of the game, i.e., the full sense of pleasure and conquest, which perfectly suits game enthusiasts’ desire for superb experience.

5)Share links

Players are allowed to share their game links to get 1% of the earnings of players who stake their NFTs for 7 consecutive days through this link.

5. Terra Nulla tutorials

1)Buy Terra Nulla game mystery boxes

First, players need to buy Terra Nulla game mystery boxes on the MPC platform to obtain NFT and join the game.  The mystery boxes include:

a)BOSS mystery box

BOSS can not work on their own. They need to recruit Worker to work on their own land, and when Worker makes earnings, the game will automatically send part of the Worker’s earnings to the BOSS as a commission income.

b)Worker mystery box

Worker is a basic identity in the game and each one has different attributes. The higher the power, the lower the vitality, which means that you need to replenish your Worker’s vitality at all times. You can also stake Workers on different lands to receive MPC token rewards and improve the Workers’ power through upgrades.

c)Land mystery box

The land can boost the power for the Worker staked there, and each land can support 20 Workers. For BOSS characters, the more players in your land, the higher your own earnings.

2Stake NFT

If a player owns a BOSS, they can stake their BOSS directly in the game and other players can find your BOSS through the search function, and stake their land or Workers in your BOSS.

If a player does not have a BOSS, they will need to find other players’ BOSS characters by using the search button to stake their land or Workers.

3Different plays

a)The person who owns the BOSS can share their link and invite other players who own land and workers to come to their place for staking mining, which is a challenge for the BOSS player’s personal charisma. But of course, the revenue will be higher as well when you attract more workers and land. Every time when the Worker gets revenue, the BOSS will get the tax paid by the Worker. BOSS can also choose to stake some MPC to increase the  power of all the Workers staked in his leadership to further increase their revenue.

b)Players who own land need to find a BOSS with strong personal influence to stake their land in that BOSS. Then, hopefully the BOSS will give full play to its charisma and be able to attract more workers who will stake their Workers to the land. In this way, the player with the land will earn more money. Or, the player can share the link to promote the land location to reach BOSS.

c)Players who have Workers can improve their earnings by synthesizing higher level Worker NFTs with higher power, weapons upgrades, staking MPCs, etc. Of course, it is also very crucial to find a land with a high return and BOSS.

Simply put, the underlying logic of this gameplay is to allow players with little assets to put in the effort and earn with time and wisdom. While for players with abundant assets, they can earn higher returns by relying on their financial strength, which is close to how real life is, but in a fairer way. In other words, no matter what type of player you are, you can enjoy the highly rewarding dividends of NFT in Terra Nulla.

6. Upcoming gameplay

1) Burglar robot: people having different characters can buy different burglar robots, including BOSS burglar robot, land burglar robot, Worker burglar robot. They can steal assets from the corresponding rules and bring players immediate benefits.

2) Housekeep robot: it can stop the burglar robots from stealing their assets. The probability of a housekeep robot catching a burglar robot is 70%, and once caught, the burglar robot will be destroyed. When the housekeep robot is triggered 10 times, then you need to buy it again.

3) Housekeep radar: it reduces the time it takes for the burglar robots to steal the proceeds. Housekeep radar can 100% find the burglar robots and reduce 50% of the earnings stolen by the burglar robots. It can work for 72 hours before being destroyed.

These three gameplays are more focused on highlighting the superb experience of “P2E” (Play to Earn), in which players can gain more revenue. Of course, in the future, as the game continues to iterate and players’ demands become clearer, there will be more interesting gameplays and NFTs coming out, bringing more fun and pleasure to players worldwide.

To sum up, all actions and steps in the game require players to pay MPC tokens. And MPC platform will follow the NFT game trend and launch different popular games with the collaboration with other top brands. In these games, MPC will be the universal currency. Therefore, as the application scenarios enrich and more players are joining the game, MPC token price will surely witness continuously drastic growth. As the first mover on the MPC platform, Terra Nulla will bring significant advantages to its users who can make the earliest gains from the MPC ecology.

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