Opera Web Browser | Launching A Built-In Crypto Wallet For Desktop

The Opera web browser will soon have a built-in crypto wallet for its desktop application.

The new feature will be considered safer and efficient for Opera users as it allows them to store and use cryptos directly in the browser rather than have to install extensions or applications.

The Opera Web Browser Crypto Wallet

Opera already has a ‘test’ mobile crypto wallet which launched in July of this year as apart of the beta version of Opera for Android. And this mobile-wallet will be essential to the running of the desktop wallet.

Though still under maintenance, the functionality received positive responses from the crypto community and the strong interest in the software has become the catalyst for the bigger built-in desktop crypto wallet. 

Latest Version

The latest desktop wallet will work by connecting to a user’s existing mobile crypto wallet app via a QR code which is scanned. This QR code will synchronize the two wallets.

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The positives of having the two wallets connected means, for one — enhanced security. The desktop wallet can share the phone’s secure system lock and a user can sign transactions using a fingerprint as opposed to entering passwords into the browser. This makes the whole process more ‘user-controlled’ as is the current Android crypto wallet. Private keys are stored on the phone rather than on a centralized server.

What Can The Wallet Support?

Similar to the mobile app wallet, the desktop one will support tokens as well as digital collectibles. Opera product lead Charles Hammel commented that this desktop browser wallet represents a step towards “making cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0. mainstream.”

What are your thoughts? Would you trust a wallet stored on a web browser? Is it really a safer option?

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