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The mission

With the trend of the Metaverse boom, blockchain games are multiplying and evolving at an unprecedented speed. In many NFT games that look crude and rough, as if back to 20 years ago, there are some crude desires for game changes such as complete control of game assets, absolute fairness of game rules, and freedom of game career. All of these indicate that people think that the game is no longer a kind of time-killing plaything, but an extra world and life.

The boundaries between life and games have been blurred.

However, there are always some shackles that lie between life and game. probably it’s the virtual economic hegemony of a top company, or it’s the frontline of the small developers imminent infrastructure defects. No matter how the concept of metaverse is interpreted, no matter how the evolutionary tree of bolckchain games is interpreted, these chains need to be broken down.

Break these boundaries. This is the mission that the SHARD team has set for themselves.

The starting point

In the vast Metaverse projects, the SHARD team with the original intention may be a different kind.

They did not join to the carnival of on-chain game development immediately , but chose a small problem that has plagued the game world for a long time as starting point: the definition and circulation of game assets.

Therefore,they made a tiny invention at the beginning: SOULSTONE.

Soulstone aims to reconstruct the rules of game content and assets. Game assets are protected as personal property under the current legal framework. However, the publishing of the games assets are not related to the players themselves, and even the players do not have real control over these assets. With the technology of NFT, SHARD will spin off the publishing of game assets. The basic logic is that the Soultone as built-in collateral middleware which held by the players will be injected into the game props issued by the game developer to mint the game assets(NFT) together, then finally allow game assets to be reconstructed through right qualification on blockchain.

Everyone has a different metaverse plan and his/her own preference on games. This is the diversity of the virtual world. But everyone should have a common virtual asset protection mechanism, which is the basis for the diversity of the world. The SHARD team wants to use Soulstone to take the crucial step of crossing the boundaries of different game worlds.

The invitation

In fact, games are never just a matter of developers. Without the participation and interaction of players, any game will be meaningless.

Looking to the future, SHARD hopes that Soulstone is just the beginning. On the basis of asset confirmation, players can not only “play” in the game world, but participate in the “building” of the game world.

SHARD will define SHARD protocol, as an aggregator and accelerator in the open source game state system, through a brand-new technology, crossing-game metadata transmission layer, to bridge the gap between traditional games and blockchain games. The user can mint Soulstones for games, meanwhile game developers can create a new game world based on the underlying protocol, allowing users to start this. The player will be the resident and creator of the new world.

For developers and distributors, SHARD also sent out invitations. Through the liquidity indemnification and programmable scalability provided by SHARD, as well as the characteristics of NFT, the assets of future games can be minted and sold before the game is released, so that developers have sufficient time focus on game development. Through the basic protocol layer and business protocol layer, cross-game assets can be aggregated and circulated. Not only users can obtain a universal game asset minting and trading platform, but also the publisher will obtain a flexible and transparent high-efficiency distribution platform. Content and liquidity get the same attention, which in turn will still benefit all players.

The journey

The Creation of SoulStone.

SHARD will invite gamers from all over the world to participate in this grand event at the end of 2021, and minting the Soulstone will make it possible to obtain admission tickets to the first game of SHARDverse.

The rewards for royal community

The Soulstone staking pool opens. SHARD will return most of the income from the sale of Soulstones to the community.

The carnival

In early 2022,SHARDverse’s first game demo version is launched for players to experience. The full version of the game will be launched middle 2022 and more games come soon.


In the middle of 2021,SHARD DAO will be opened for vSS holders, and the SHARD team will gradually devolve control to the community.

In the current world of blockchain travel,Shard team behave so calm as they are not like participants in this NFT party.

However, compared to the sound “live in the moment”, the SHARD team hopes to bring players the fundamental benefits of the period. It is the “Matrix forever” blessed by Soulstone, a truly new world.

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