The world’s leading TRX cloud mining platform UCTRX.COM launches a $100 million community incentive plan

The world’s leading TRX cloud mining platform UCTRX.COM launches a 0 million community incentive plan

On April 8th, UCTRX.COM, the world’s leading cloud mining platform for TRX, announced the launch of a $100 million community incentive plan, and simultaneously carried out activities such as registration reward and unlimited invitation reward to further expand the development of TRX DeFi ecosystem. The plan received a positive response from the market and strong support from TRON Foundation. If the community response is enthusiastic, it will consider continuing to increase special funds or subsidies for TRX cloud mining services.

According to data released by UCTRX, TRON miners earned nearly $3 billion in December 2021. Tron is an open source decentralized infrastructure based on blockchain. At present, it has become the largest blockchain application network in the market, and its TRX native token value ranks 25th on CoinMarketCap, with an astonishing cumulative increase of 4,234.53 times. Based on this potential, TRX cloud mining market is still lucrative.

UCTRX provides innovative TRX cloud mining services

UCTRX is a professional TRX cloud mining service provider, focusing on providing users with a safe and efficient TRX cloud mining experience. Emerging capital investment business covers more than 70 countries around the world, attracting more than 1.2 million people to register and use. At present, UCTRX has reached a global strategic cooperation with well-known exchanges, wallets and mining machine companies in the industry, and is committed to advocating and building a healthy space for TRX cloud mining to meet the needs of users seeking the maximum revenue network.

UCTRX has been continuing TRON miners’ income and increasing it with innovative products. This is a simpler and more intuitive way. Crypto investors can easily earn cryptocurrency with very little money by simply clicking and operating, and get a daily return of 5.5% of the principal, which is as stable as insurance.

The purpose of UCTRX is to provide 50,000 24-hour uninterrupted cloud mining services, and everyone is a TRON miner

How to participate?

Use UCTRX to start mining in TRX cloud. Users can log on to the official website or download the APP(Android and IOS), and register UC TRX wallet with their phone number. After depositing in TRX, the service will automatically start the TRX mining service, and the lowest 5 TRX can be invested. UCTRX offers mining services in different periods of 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and 180 days, and divides them into different grades according to the accumulated investment quota. The highest daily rate of return is 10%, far exceeding similar products and traditional investment projects. Users can choose the appropriate financial plan according to their actual needs.

Details of activities

UCTRX specially opens the registration reward program to the public, and from now on, users who register UCTRX wallet will give away 6000 TRX (with a contract of $384.73). There is no need for verification code and real name in this process, and the reward will arrive immediately. In addition, UCTRX offers an unlimited invitation reward program. The purpose is to encourage members to actively promote platform products with the spirit of ownership, and let more people join DeFi to benefit.

Members can share their links to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social software for them to register and recharge. After successful invitation, they will be rewarded with rebate. This reward is distributed according to the deposit ratio of new users, and divided by three-level mechanism, namely: recommended first-level users 10%, recommended second-level users 5% and recommended third-level users 2%.

In order to better promote the retention of users, UCTRX has two ways of playing: basic account and promotion account. The basic account is used to receive the income from participating in cloud mining business, and it can be withdrawn every day. The promotion account is an incentive wallet specially set up to cooperate with the unlimited invitation mechanism. When a new user is successfully invited to recharge, the member reward will immediately reach the account, which supports direct cash withdrawal.

UCTRX is a successful attempt of the large-scale diffusion of TRON network, and it is an important stage step of ecological development by combining with DeFi. UCTRX will also introduce higher-yield products and practical welfare activities for users, with the goal of becoming a one-stop TRX cloud mining service provider with high-density computing capacity, to promote the ecological and healthy development of TRON community and the growth of TRX value.

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