UniArts Network has launched their Impossible art formula on 15th Oct!

UniArts Network has launched their Impossible art formula on 15th Oct!

UniArts is at the forefront of offering tools to make the adoption of NFTs by artists a seamless process. It has actively created a safe haven for artists to tokenize and mint their arts to NFTs, then sell to collectors. The features within the ecosystem are mind blowing.

UniArts has launched its Impossible Art Formula on Polygon, which hosts highly demanded NFTs. As a gallery, NFT art enthusiasts can trickle in to vote for the NFTs displayed.

In the “Impossible Art Formula”, $UART holders are deemed “nominators,” pledging their tokens as “votes” for an NFT they admire. The more votes an NFT receives, the more people approve of it, and the higher the consensus level. When people are required to invest in their decisions, they become much more selective. Since there is value in $UART, the votes that an NFT receives indicate its fair market value. In the early stages of UniArts’ development, the small user base may not be sufficient to tie the word fair to an NFTs value, but as the network expands, it will become more and more convincing. This process can be referred to as “Appreciate to Earn.”

“Appreciate To Earn” is a new concept and a subset of “Play To Earn,” in that merely appreciating an NFT is akin to the process of playing. Axie Infinity, a chain game that has been popular in the crypto community for a while now, relied on this “Play To Earn” concept as the fuel to expand its user base. From this vetted example, we know that it is a viable business model.

This new feature, Appreciative Mining, which rewards NFT artists and improves their popularity within the space. Through the votes of other community users, NFT creators and owners are rewarded. To stake and vote for NFTs, UART is not the only kind of token accepted, UniArts allow you to vote with wETH in their gallery as well. More people will be encouraged to vote on their favorites because they do not have to buy UARTs first, and the minimum staking period won’t be longer than 24 hours, yet of course the longer time you stake, the more reward you will have. It is a win-win situation for all community members. Art lovers can bask in the beauty of art works while artists are rewarded with votes and popularity.

And now, the first voting round has finished, all voted NFTs are in auction now. You can see how many UARTs are minted in the NFTs, and all these UARTs can be retrieved by the NFT owner.  

As a hub for NFT artists, UniArts will continuously add new features to its ecosystem to improve the user experience of every participant, from the artists down to collectors.

Vote Rules:

1. UART & wETH holders can stake their token to vote for NFTs that they think are most in-demand to earn UART reward.

2. There are 6 NFTs candidates for each voting round, and the period of which is 14 days.

3. All NFTs will be transferred to auction round after voting round finish, and the period of auction around is 7 days

4. According to the number of votes obtained by each NFT, UART rewards will be continuously cast into NFTs, which can be retrieved by the owner.

5. Vote for NFT won’t cost any token, the voted token can be retrieved at UTC 00:00 next day.

6. Vote reward will be distributed at UTC 00:00 everyday during the voting period.

7. Auction reward will be distributed after the auction round. The higher the deal price, the more benefit will be available for the voters of the NFT.

8. If NOT retrieved, the voted token will be counted as another vote for the same NFT.

9. 1 wETH vote = 100 UART vote

10. Both vote rewards and auction rewards are bonded at first, you need to unbond your UARTs in order to withdraw them into your wallet. Bonded UARTs can be used to vote for NFTs to earn more reward. Unbonding UARTs can NOT be used to vote.

11. Unbonding UARTs take 60 days to complete, and releasing 1/60 of the total amount each day during the process.

HIMBAD, Kalman and Ruofan Chen are the first artists to be featured on the UniArts platform once it goes live. We interviewed these three influential artists to review their creative journey and their story with NFT. Everyone can vote for their favorite works with UART/WETH.

Himbad is a British graffiti artist and illustrator. His graffiti is widely distributed around the world and can be found in Ibiza, New York, Berlin, and Beijing. Infused with fantasy through bright and vibrant colors, he explores topics from the depths of the human mind and subconscious. Himbad’s works are inspired by his research into Celtic mythology, Egyptian folklore, and Eastern legend, with his unique sense of absurdity.

Kalman Pool completed his BFA at School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019, followed by his MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in London in 2021. Concurrently, he attended the Swatch Art Peace Hotel as artist-in-residence and was invited to design his very own Swatch X You watch.Inspired by “BioArt” and natural history, Pool’s interdisciplinary works examine the dialectical relationship between virtual and physical, reconciling both by means of fantastically fashioning VR-made, bio-mutated phantasms, inflatable effigies, and creative pictographic language pieces.

Pool participated in numerous art galleries in China, Europe, and the United States. His solo expressions include “Mutation” at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing and “New Tales Retold” at the IAG Gallery in Shanghai. Currently, Pool’s solo exhibition is being held at the Jupiter Museum of Art in Shenzhen, China. This exhibition showcases his recent progress from conceptual VR development, factory fabrication, and 2D painting over the last several years.

Ruofan Chen (b. 1996, Hubei, China) is based in London. She holds an MFA degree from the Royal College of Art, London, and a BFA degree with honors from the School of Visual Arts, New York. Her recent works focus on the flow of human emotions as they relate to technology. Chen loves to demonstrate the subtle emotions of life and express them through a combination of nature and technology. Chen has held solo exhibitions at Powerlong Art Center, Xiamen (2020) and Paper Gallery, Manchester (2020), and participated in extensive global institutional exhibitions, including Tang Contemporary Art, Hong-Kong (2021), Yuan Art Museum, Beijing (2021), Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh (2021), West Bund Art Center, Shanghai (2020), Southwark Park Galleries, London (2020), and others.

About UniArts

UniArts is a multi-chain bottom-up value discovery system for NFTs with a substrate-developed mainnet and EVM (Ethereum virtual machine)-based smart contracts for infrastructure. It also provides crowd- voting/DAO curation for art, distributes incentives for contributing content creators and art appreciators, as well as art grants to help better achieve the democratization of art and fair value discovery of NFTs.

Web3 Foundation has announced the 11th batch of Grants. UniArts team’s SR25519 (Ruby Substrate Client) and UniScan NFT Explorer, are awarded grants in Development Tools category and Application category respectively

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