While Floyd Mayweather Waits, Asakura is Busy Fighting Fans

While Floyd Mayweather Waits, Asakura is Busy Fighting Fans

Thanks to an Innovative NFT Drop, Asakura Fans will Have a Chance to Fight Him Online.

Hot on the heels of his announcement to fight Floyd Mayweather this fall, legendary MMA icon Mikuru Asakura has also announced plans to first fight his fans – in the Metaverse. “I’m always looking for new ways to connect with my fans,” says Asakura, “so my upcoming NFT collaboration with Cross Verse will not only give me the honor of sharing some of my favorite MMA moves, but also fighting some selected fans in the Metaverse. It will be an unique experience, for sure, and a way to say thanks to the community that has supported me all these years.”

The NFT collection and fights will be created, promoted, and managed by Cross Verse, a Web3 company pioneering the use of NFTs. “We’re so honored to have a sports icon like Asakura choose us to help him connect with his fans via NFTs,” says Ken Wong, Cross Verse owner and director. “The world still has a limited idea of what NFTs are, and the value they can create. It’s not just about collectible art. NFTs can give fans and hobbyists rich new experiences with the things they enjoy, as well as the pride of ownership. As for CrossVerse, we’re proud to be involved in such an innovative use case for NFTs, and with a sports legend like Asakura. No one’s been able to mix it up online with him before.”

The NFT launch will comprise two stages – first the NFT launch, and then the fights with Asakura. The NFTs themselves will be animated fight cards, showing Asakura’s favorite moves from his illustrious MMA career, and will come in four tiers: copper, silver, gold, and platinum, with pricing to match rarity.

Those who own gold and platinum Asakura animated fight cards, .5% and 19.5% of the total amount of NFTs, respectively, will be able to go to a metaverse game designed exclusively for them, and fight the legend himself – Asakura.

“The addition of a metaverse fighting game to the project shows the tech-enabled innovation of Cross Verse, and our commitment to providing added-value for users,” says Kokushin Hirokawa, head of Cross Verse Japan. A noted figure in international sports and entertainment, Hirokawa was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the project, and bringing top talent Asakura to the table.  “Naturally, Asakura has promotional deals thrown at him every day, so his decision to partner with Cross Verse is a huge vote of confidence not only in our capabilities, but also the field of NFTs as a whole.”

Head of Cross Verse International, Jimmie Jeremejev, is likewise bullish on NFTs’ long-term potential. “Google, Wikipedia, and other big Web 2.0 companies digitized information. Apple and others digitized music. Web 3.0, and NFTs in particular, will digitize culture, turning artistic, sporting, and entertainment events into a long tail of associated items and experiences, far beyond the t-shirts and video options we currently have. Our collaboration with Asakura is a good example of NFTs’ role in digitizing culture, and its ability to do so worldwide. Asakura is truly a crossover superstar, and his NFT launch will connect with fans around the globe.”

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